Do you long to live your life as you imagine it should be, but feel as if something is tying you down? Are you trying to free yourself of restrictive decisions, but without success?



Now success is within sight. Thanks to the unique method Mind Coaching, you’ll finally make progress. Discover your potential and make all your dreams come true! What's more, in record time, which you yourself decide from the comfort of your own home. All of this thanks to a new program, The Art of Meditation. I’ll gladly help you in this process.



Hi, I'm Zuzzi Husarová, and my goal is your inner well-being. For 11  years now I have been helping clients to make new, successful beginnings.

My findings have been drawn from all around the world, but primarily from Amazonian shamans and Thai monks. I specialize in self-fulfillment, the development of your own potential and calming of the mind. Through mind coaching I help people to eliminate restrictive decisions, and as a result we can do whatever we want.

Thanks to modern technology, I have the opportunity to help as many people as possible, and a new online program has been created as a result The Art of Meditation.

Live your life!

With love, Zuzzi



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